After asking a lot of opinions, reading online reviews, making price & feature comparisons, and most importantly thinking whether to go for a mobile upgrade or not, I finally decided to go for MOTOROKR E6 – a sleek, multimedia cum PDA phone. Although this model is more than a year old and a lot of new phones have come up in different brands, I liked this phone very much. I couldn’t figure out the exact reason why I liked this phone but I did; maybe the stunning look, touch screen feature (a lot of other phones have this feature but I found this one to be good and that too within my budget), handwriting recognition feature, business card reader, Bluetooth, GPRS, document viewer, email, FM radio, internet, games, photo editor, Real Player and everything put together.

I have been using this phone for the past three weeks and so far no hassles. Some of my friends told that the touch screen does not work well but I found that the touch sensitivity is absolutely fantastic and you don’t even need the stylus – you can use your fingers to navigate the menu and other options. I have not used the handwriting recognition feature much but I feel very comfortable using the keypad and the text input method helps me to type messages faster. The battery backup is good. As far as camera is concerned, it has a 2.0 megapixel camera and it captures pretty decent pictures. The phone is a bit heavy but otherwise it rocks.

This phone has a lot of other great features also which I haven’t explored yet. Hopefully, I will slowly start doing it.

The Times of India – Tale of Subscription


I am one among those who got impressed with The Times of India newspaper, which was launched in Chennai six weeks ago. I haven’t subscribed any newspaper in life and for the first time I decided to subscribe “The Times of India.” My friends told me that there was a launch offer and by the time I inquired about that, it was all over. I checked with the newspaper vendor near my home and he too told the same thing.

I then googled to get some subscription info but I could not succeed. In fact, I really wanted to subscribe even without the offer. Luckily I got a phone number on the net but that number never rang, as it was always busy. Finally, I got an email ID from the net, With tonnes of hope, I emailed about my interest in subscribing The Times of India, and I had mentioned the area in which I live and I asked to provide the subscription and the agent details. To my delight, I received the mail the very next day and in the mail, they thanked me for the interest that I have shown for The Times of India and they apologized that currently there are no schemes available and that they will let me know when they come up with new schemes. I didn’t know what to do to bring The Times of India home…

Fly High & Succeed


I heard this story yesterday, and even though it was funny and sounded like a kid’s story, it has a very important message in it. A man was on his way back to home. While he was walking through the woods, he spotted an egg on the ground. He found that it was an eagle’s egg and as he could not place the egg back into the eagle’s nest, he took the egg to his home and kept the eagle’s egg along with the hen’s eggs. After a few days, the eggs hatched and there were about 10 chicks including an eagle chick. These small chicks started growing slowly and the eagle chick did what the other chicks were doing. It scratched the ground for its food and picked up dirt and ate small insects. One day, the baby chicks tried to fly a bit by fluttering their small wings. Seeing this, the eagle chick also did exactly the same as other baby chicks and did not fly high. Days passed by and one morning, the eagle looked up at a bird flying high in the sky. It wondered what a bird it was and how beautifully it was flying high in the sky. The eagle asked the hen what that bird was? The hen replied, “It is an eagle that flies so high in the sky and you don’t even imagine that you can fly like that in your life.” The eagle not realizing its potential listened to the words of the hen silently and believed that it too was a hen and convinced itself that it cannot fly like an eagle, and finally it died.

A lot of people are like that eagle who despite having all the skills and abilities think that they are not too good to achieve success and they are scratching for bits and pieces on the ground instead of flying high in their lives.

Philips GoGear


I had a portable audio/video device in my wish list for a very long time. A lot of my friends have ipods. When it came to ipods, there are cheaper ones in the market but I did not want to go for a cheaper one and run behind those guys for service in case of any problem. Then I decided to leave out the video option as I convinced myself that I will not have time to watch videos that frequently (cost is also a reason). So finally I decided to get an audio player (mp3). I had a look at the brands like Transcend and other mp3 players but I was not satisfied or rather convinced, the main thing I was looking was the reliability and quality of the product and the after sales service options. I came across Philips GoGear – SA 1356/97, a slim and sleek device that can hold up to 1 GB of data or songs. It looks simply stunning. The device can be directly plugged into the system for data transfer. This feature, I feel is an advantage because some of my friends had problem with other players with cable, as frequent usage of the cable loosened the socket and therefore resulted in connectivity malfunction. The SA1356/97 has voice recording facility. The display is cool with backlight. The other features are customizable equalizer with preset settings like Classic, Dance, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz & Rock, FM radio (30 preset channels) with auto digital tuning and FM recording with keypad locking facility. The device can store 250 mp3 tracks (128 kbps) and 380 WMA tracks (64 kbps). Overall, this device proves to be a very good one except for the headphones. It is priced at Rs. 2499 and its really worth the money.

Nano’s International Debut


Nano, the small car that rattled the global automobile industry, is going to make its international debut at the 78th Geneva Motor Show in the first week of March 2008. Nano, nicknamed ‘The People’s Car’, the world’s cheapest car priced at Rs. 100,000 (US$2500) was launched earlier this year at an Auto Expo in New Delhi. Nano will be available in the market from the second half of this year. With Nano being affordable, meeting all the safety norms (as per Tata Motors), there is no doubt that the People’s car would replace majority of the two wheelers as it will be a fortunate thing to happen in the lives of middle class and lower middle class families making them proud car owners.

Hats off to Tata Motors and Ratan Tata for placing India on the global automotive map!

Sachin Tendulkar – The Run Machine


Sachin Tendulkar reached another milestone of crossing 16000 runs in limited overs cricket, the first player in the history of the game. This feat was achieved in today’s match against Srilanka at the Gabba. Sachin now has 16007 runs in 409 matches with an average of 44.22 with 41 hundreds and 87 fifties at a strike rate of 85.42. He remains unchallenged as nobody could ever break this mammoth record. The prime reason for this is that Sachin still loves the game very much even after playing 19 years of competitive international cricket. His journey as a cricketer has not been a bed of roses. He has had failures, rough patches, had been in pressurized situations, injuries, accusations and what not… He has overcome all these things time and again with a lot of courage and confidence, and now has emerged victorious. A great lesson that we need to learn from Sachin is that if we have a passion for something, be it a game, academics, profession, dream, ambition or whatever it may be, we can definitely overcome all the hurdles and be a winner. Sachin is one of the greatest cricketers the game has ever had. No wonder why the great Don Bradman admired the Little Master.

Shoaib Malik – Liar Liar


Pakistan cricket captain is into a new controversy, this one off cricket. Yes, this is truly personal that has been brought into broad daylight. Shoaib met with an Indian girl Ayesha in May 2000 at a Dubai restaurant and from then on, the two had fallen into love. Two years later on May 2, 2002, the two got married over phone (which Islamic Shariah law permits) with witnesses on both sides. When Pakistan toured India in 2005, Shoaib met his Indian wife along with his team members at her residence in Hyderabad and had a good feast. Both the parents had agreed and said that the couple would live together after a formal ceremony. But now the girl Ayesha has accused Shoaib of not letting her divorce him. The cricketer’s reply for this allegation is “No nikkah (marriage) took place between me and Ayesha”. Smart reply isn’t it. What is Shoaib trying to do by denying the fact that he married Ayesha over the phone in the presence of witnesses, which was apparently reported in all news media. Is he trying to cheat Ayesha or is he violating Islamic laws? No third umpire, no Hawkeye – your conscience is the umpire captain!

Google Error – Strange


A couple of days ago, I was busy googling at work. When I searched for references related to these words ““jump start business *””, I got an error from Google saying sorry! Error code – 403 Forbidden…..Oops!

This was the first time I encountered such an error while googling. Google has recognized those words as an automatic request from a virus or spyware application… very strange!