Tragic New Year Party at Chennai

TragicTragic New Year Party 

While everyone was welcoming the New Year 2008 with lots of expectations, joy, and peaceful celebrations, tension and fear of death gripped a few people at a New Year party in a reputed star hotel in Chennai, the Cultural Capital of India, as we call.

A New Year party was arranged at the hotel and a wooden dance floor was made over a 12-feet deep swimming pool. When all the people on the floor were enjoying their dance, the dance floor suddenly caved in. Many people plunged into the pool. One software engineer from UP died and another teenager is in a critical state and many injured. 

The people are blaming the hotel management, the organizers of the event, the police, ….etc,. Who is to be blamed now? Can blaming each other bring back the dead software engineer alive?    All the people who attended the party as well as the organisers are responsible for this because everybody has contributed their part towards the caving in of the floor. 

We boast of our culture. Is boozing and dancing wildly a culture of India? Is it not hardcore hypocrisy? Is this the only way to celebrate New Year? 

The worst part of it was that people were fighting for refunds or continuation of the party when somebody who was with them a few hours ago are dead and injured.  

How kind-hearted we are?? Shame on us! Where is this society heading?