Read Carefully Before You Sign

A few weeks ago, I applied for a credit card. The sales executive came to my office to collect the documents. I handed over the necessary documents to the executive and signed the application form in the places where he asked me to do. I neither did read a single word on that application form nor fill my personal details. He just came, collected the documents, got my signature and went off in less than 5 minutes. After he left, waves of fear crept into my mind, only then I started to realize the blunder that I have done. A lot of questions came into my mind and I felt disturbed for sometime and after a few minutes it just faded away. But the most important point I would like to emphasize is NEVER sign an application or document or whatever it may be without READING IT PROPERLY. This act of signing the application forms without reading is happening more in corporate companies, particularly when opening corporate salary accounts. A person from the bank comes in, asks the employees to sign in a few places and instantly hands over the kit including the cheque book, debit card, etc. The employees are not properly informed about the features, rules, privileges and other things related to the account. This happened to me recently. I was charged for a particular service, which I was not aware of. When I asked the customer care, they replied, “YOU HAVE AGREED FOR IT AND SIGNED THE DOCUMENT WHILE OPENING THE ACCOUNT.” So it is always better to spare a few minutes to read to avoid problems in the future.