My Critical Voice – The Culprit!

I started blogging from the beginning of this year. It all started as fun, but all of a sudden I feel very rusty. I wondered what might be the reason. Initially, I thought it might be because of the extremely mechanical and pressurized work life that takes a heavy toll on my blogging. In spite of my hectic schedules, I used to have in mind about a few things that I should write about but those thoughts would fade away from my mind. Is it because of loss of memory or laziness?? sometimes even when I sit before the computer to write something I am unable to!! What went wrong? When one of my friends, Diwa, told that he is going to shift to microblogging (Twitter), I was the one who encouraged him to write. Now, I sometimes feel that posting brief updates on Twitter is comfortable as you don’t need to think a lot and write lengthy posts…….. Finally I have found out the black sheep.. it is none other than my own critical voice that prevents me or rather blocks my creative thoughts. So whenever I think of something to write, I start to imagine the outcome of that writeup or whether it is good, bad or ugly…etc.. Was that due to my past work experience as a quality analyst for eight long years and my current role as a technical writer writing customer-focussed user manuals and online help files?? Whatever maybe the reason, I have made up my mind to take control of my critical voice and let my creative voice to speak freely and loudly.

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