The Times of India – Tale of Subscription


I am one among those who got impressed with The Times of India newspaper, which was launched in Chennai six weeks ago. I haven’t subscribed any newspaper in life and for the first time I decided to subscribe “The Times of India.” My friends told me that there was a launch offer and by the time I inquired about that, it was all over. I checked with the newspaper vendor near my home and he too told the same thing.

I then googled to get some subscription info but I could not succeed. In fact, I really wanted to subscribe even without the offer. Luckily I got a phone number on the net but that number never rang, as it was always busy. Finally, I got an email ID from the net, With tonnes of hope, I emailed about my interest in subscribing The Times of India, and I had mentioned the area in which I live and I asked to provide the subscription and the agent details. To my delight, I received the mail the very next day and in the mail, they thanked me for the interest that I have shown for The Times of India and they apologized that currently there are no schemes available and that they will let me know when they come up with new schemes. I didn’t know what to do to bring The Times of India home…