Benazir’s Assassin?

The death of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Ms. Benazir Bhutto, is still clouded by huge controversies. The Scotland Yard has probed into the case and they have reported that Benazir’s death was due to the aftermath of the bomb blast. Benazir’s supporters refuse to accept this report suspecting a foul play from the government and they are requesting a better and fair investigation on the incident to find out the actual cause of death. Earlier, Pakistan’s government said that Benazir died due to a massive head injury and nobody shot her, but video footages clearly shows that a person armed with a pistol is seen near the vehicle of Benazir and she ducked her head even before the bomb blast took place. Whatever may be the case, whether she was shot or killed because of a bomb blast, Pakistan’s future is shaky and the country is in chaos. I believe President Pervez Musharaf’s hide and seek game is going to end soon. Soon he is going to be cornered either by the fundamental terrorist groups or by the international communities (particularly USA) or his own people might rebel against him. Mr. Musharaf get ready for the climax!