Aircel Customer Care


I am an Aircel post-paid customer for more than two and a half years. I am promptly paying my bills through ICICI Visa Bill Pay system. The payment for the month of February, Rs. 313.03, was also processed via the same system. I received a confirmation message from ICICI bank that the bill had been processed on March 4, 2008 and my due date was on March 5, 2008.

On March 7, 2008, when I called my friend, I was shocked to hear the automated voice that my outgoing calls had been barred and also my SMS had been disabled. When I contacted the customer care center, I was told that “There is an outstanding of Rs. 313.03” I said that it had been already paid and I got the reply that “It is not yet updated in our system.”

I really got irritated because I was not able to contact anybody, that too early in the morning. I checked the Aircel website for help and I got an email ID. I sent a mail stating everything and asked them to state the reason as to why this happened.

I received a mail from the Customer Correspondence Unit by around 2.40 p.m. (Thank God) that read

“With reference to the mail, we wish to confirm that services to the below mentioned cellular number has been activated.

Your Reference Number is: 12807296

Should you require any other clarifications, please feel free to call our Customer Care at 98410 12345 (toll free from your Aircel mobile) or mail us at

Assuring you of our best services always (Aircel people, do you know what exactly this statement means?)”

There was no proper explanation from the Aircel people. I really thought of changing the service provider and I would certainly do so if anything similar to this happens in the future.