Ferrari Mess-up

The stage was well set for Felipe Massa and Ferrari to take a healthy lead over Lewis Hamilton who is currently leading the championship points but the Ferrari team goofed up and ended up without any points at the Singapore Grand Prix 2008. Kimi Raikkonen had the chance of finishing fifth, but he once again crashed his car at the closing stages of the race and this ended the hopes of gaining a few points for both Kimi and Ferrari (constructor’s points). McLaren now leads the constructor’s points by a single point over Ferrari.

Earlier, the Singapore Street Circuit made its debut under lights, the world’s first ever night race in F1 history. Felipe Massa started the race on pole position and he was comfortably leading the race until Nelson Piquet Jr., the Renault driver crashed. After this crash, the safety car came in and during that time, a lot of cars pit-stopped. Felipe Massa also entered the pits. The whole drama began there. Felipe was given the green signal to move out of the pit when refueling was still going on. As a result, Felipe zoomed out of the pit with the fuel hose attached to his car and it also knocked down a couple of mechanics during the process. Felipe had to wait for a long time near the exit of the pit lane and the Ferrari mechanics came after some time to remove the fuel hose. Felipe rejoined the race at the last position and was penalized for unsafe exit from the pit. Finally he finished the race at the 13th position. This incident had totally changed the outcome of the race and Fernando Alonso who started 14th in the grid, ended up winning the race.

With only three races remaining in this season, the Ferrari Chief, Luca di Montezemolo, has demanded one-two finishes in all the three races. Its going to be a tough job for the Ferrari team and a nail-biting finish for this  Formula 1 season.

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