Amphibious Vehicles for Chennai!


Photo Courtesy: technoidol_veera

For the past couple of days, a lot of bikes and cars have been stranded on water-logged roads in Chennai. I got stuck up in knee-deep water today on one of the lanes near my home and my bike gave up and silenced in the water. But by God’s grace, I was able to start the bike immediately and reach the office without any further problems. All the roads in Chennai are flooded. There is no discrimination as to whether it is a main road or a small lane. Water gets logged on both the sides of the road and pedestrians and motorists find it very difficult to move around. Even the newer roads and bridges have the same problem. This problem is regarded as one of Chennai’s legacy. Another major reason for water logging is poor drainage system. This is mostly attributed to the act of Chennai people who throw the garbage into the gutter. Whenever there is heavy rainfall, Chennai floats on water. There is no point in trumpeting on deaf ears (both civic authorities as well as the people). I think the Indian bike & car manufacturers have to resort to the 007 style and start manufacturing amphibious bikes and cars that run both on land and in water. At least, we can find innovative methods to live in these types of situations.

aquada_2 amphibian_quadbike

Hyderabadi Biriyani@Greams Road Chennai

The biriyani shop located exactly at the junction of Greams Road & College Road in Chennai was a place that we used to frequent very often. The shop was too small to handle huge crowd at lunch time. The main speciality in this joint is that you get biriyani combos – biriyani with fish fry or chicken kabab/tangri along with soft drink (Pepsi or Coke or 7up or Mirinda or Fanta). The biriyani used to be neither too spicy nor less spicy and loads of onion raitha (although very minimal curd) would be in each and every table. Most importantly, the price was reasonable.

Now a few months ago, they had renovated the shop. The shop is now a bit spacey with comfortable chairs. The rates have been increased by almost 50% but the quality has come down drastically. After a very long time, I visited the place today. The quality of rice has come down, rationed raitha, chicken kababs looked like left-overs with some flesh sticking here and there, the soft drink which we used to get previously has now been replaced by some local juices made from squashes. It was a very disappointing and horrible experience altogether. Yes, we agree that the prices of all the ingredients and especially meat have gone up but my question is why do you want to compromise on quality even after almost doubling the rates? I have made my mind not to visit the place hereafter.

Benefits of having fruits & vegetables

Fruits/Vegetables – Benefits

Apples – Protects your heart, prevents constipation, prevents diarrhea, improves lung capacity, cushions joints.

Apricots – Combats cancer, controls blood pressure, improves your eyesight, shields against Alzheimer’s, slows aging process.

Artichokes – Aids digestion, lowers cholesterol, protects your heart, stabilizes blood sugar, guards against liver diseases.

Avocados – Battles diabetes, lowers cholesterol, helps stop stroke, controls blood pressure, makes your skin smooth.

Bananas – Protects your heart, quiets cough, strengthens bones, controls blood pressure, prevents diarrhea.

Beans – Prevents constipation, prevents hemorrhoids, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer, stabilizes blood sugar.

Beets – Controls blood pressure, combats cancer, strengthens bones, protects your heart, aids weight loss.

Blueberries – Combats cancer, protects your heart, stabilizes blood sugar, boosts memory, prevents constipation.

Broccoli – Strengthens bones, improves eyesight, combats cancer, protects your heart, controls blood pressure.

Cabbage – Combats cancer, prevents constipation, promotes weight loss, protects your heart, prevents hemorrhoids.

Cantaloupe – Improves eyesight, controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer, supports immune system.



After asking a lot of opinions, reading online reviews, making price & feature comparisons, and most importantly thinking whether to go for a mobile upgrade or not, I finally decided to go for MOTOROKR E6 – a sleek, multimedia cum PDA phone. Although this model is more than a year old and a lot of new phones have come up in different brands, I liked this phone very much. I couldn’t figure out the exact reason why I liked this phone but I did; maybe the stunning look, touch screen feature (a lot of other phones have this feature but I found this one to be good and that too within my budget), handwriting recognition feature, business card reader, Bluetooth, GPRS, document viewer, email, FM radio, internet, games, photo editor, Real Player and everything put together.

I have been using this phone for the past three weeks and so far no hassles. Some of my friends told that the touch screen does not work well but I found that the touch sensitivity is absolutely fantastic and you don’t even need the stylus – you can use your fingers to navigate the menu and other options. I have not used the handwriting recognition feature much but I feel very comfortable using the keypad and the text input method helps me to type messages faster. The battery backup is good. As far as camera is concerned, it has a 2.0 megapixel camera and it captures pretty decent pictures. The phone is a bit heavy but otherwise it rocks.

This phone has a lot of other great features also which I haven’t explored yet. Hopefully, I will slowly start doing it.