Ahmedabad Blasts – Terrorism on the Rise!

In less than 48 hours, 25 serial bomb blasts have taken place in two of India’s major cities killing nearly 30 people and injuring hundreds. Yesterday it was in Bangalore and today, it is Ahmedabad. Nearly 16 blasts have taken place in Ahmedabad alone and most of the bombs have been planted in cycles. Four of the 16 blasts took place in hospitals. Though the blasts were of low intensity, it has created a huge amount of fear among the people. All of a sudden, India has become one of the unsafe places to live. All these blasts took place in a span of 70 minutes and it is said that all the blasts took place in communally sensitive areas. The blasts were similar to those that took place in Bangalore yesterday.

Amidst these attacks, the most painful or rather shameful thing is that politicians have started playing their games pointing fingers at each other. News channels are competing each other to get the edge over the other in reporting the news. A group called HuJI has taken responsibility for the blasts. It is always the innocent people who take the brunt of the terrorist attacks. The prime reason for these types of attacks is not because of the lack of security systems or infrastructure but the infiltration of corrupt practices in each and every system of the society that is taking a heavy toll.

Update: Death toll increased to 46; live bombs found in Surat also; 18 live bombs defused in Surat – 29/07/2008

One thought on “Ahmedabad Blasts – Terrorism on the Rise!

  1. when the serial killar started in chennai….that time itself people are under fear & pressure. Now BOMB means???????????

    No way government has to take decisions to stop foreigners & need to start filtering the people who’s Profile is bad.

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