Pothys – The Best!

Pothys, the Aalayam of Silks, has been our favorite dress store for the past four years or so. Earlier, we used to purchase from Jeyachandran’s (only for a very brief period) braving huge crowds in and outside the shop. Then we tried in Pothys, and since then, it has become our family dress store. Pothys offers lot of varieties and it’s worth the money; the ambience is fantastic and it has lot of space that can handle peak seasons comfortably (relatively better to other stores). The main feature is the customer service. The sales people are patient enough and they do not grumble or say “no stock sir” – which we normally hear in Saravana Stores. Even we tried in other stores like Sree Krishna Collection, Kumaran Silks, Nalli Silks, RMKV, Saravana Stores….mhm..nothing can beat Pothys.

Note: For this Aadi sale, they are giving fruits and vegetables as gifts for the purchases you make – creative thought and a nutritious one too


6 thoughts on “Pothys – The Best!

  1. shanupalani says:

    Yep… customer services will be gud in pothys… They were fulfiling customer expectation… So what they were being a gud competitor to others…

  2. bhuvana says:

    Pothys sarees are very nice and its having different collections.The samuthrika sarees are well designed one.Its having jurdosi works,beats,small chamikki works are very good.The quality of the saree is nice,long live sarees.


    Blaze Infotech

  3. pradeepa says:

    Pothys sarees are really very attractive and good.Especially the samuthrika saree.Its made for brides.When the bride wear this saree they look more beautiful and admires every ones heart.

    Sreevysh Corp


    It looks like a carefully worded eulogy about POTHYS.Sensible shoppers do not get carried away by discounts.Reputed shops like KUMARAN SILKS offer quality and competitive prices without discounts.

    It is important to note that POTHYS and SARAVANA STORES offer discounts for unbranded products.You will not find 50% discount for branded shirts like PETER ENGLAND,SERO… unless it is seconds.

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