Read Carefully Before You Sign

A few weeks ago, I applied for a credit card. The sales executive came to my office to collect the documents. I handed over the necessary documents to the executive and signed the application form in the places where he asked me to do. I neither did read a single word on that application form nor fill my personal details. He just came, collected the documents, got my signature and went off in less than 5 minutes. After he left, waves of fear crept into my mind, only then I started to realize the blunder that I have done. A lot of questions came into my mind and I felt disturbed for sometime and after a few minutes it just faded away. But the most important point I would like to emphasize is NEVER sign an application or document or whatever it may be without READING IT PROPERLY. This act of signing the application forms without reading is happening more in corporate companies, particularly when opening corporate salary accounts. A person from the bank comes in, asks the employees to sign in a few places and instantly hands over the kit including the cheque book, debit card, etc. The employees are not properly informed about the features, rules, privileges and other things related to the account. This happened to me recently. I was charged for a particular service, which I was not aware of. When I asked the customer care, they replied, “YOU HAVE AGREED FOR IT AND SIGNED THE DOCUMENT WHILE OPENING THE ACCOUNT.” So it is always better to spare a few minutes to read to avoid problems in the future.

Indian Premier League – Facts

Today morning I received an interesting mail from one of my colleagues. The subject of the mail read “IPL – This name doesn’t suit well.” The content of the mail goes like this.

Man of the Series: Shane Watson

Maximum Runs (Orange Cap): Shaun Marsh

Maximum Wickets (Purple Cap): Sohail Tanvir

Trophy Winning Captain: Shane Warne

Highest Sixes: Sanath Jayasuriya

Name of the Tournament: INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE

What are the Indians doing? – A very valid question isn’t it?

Maybe if there is a prize for the highest paid cricketers, our men will top the list.

Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. lets cheer guys!

Rafael Nadal – The Master of Clay Court

Rafa did it again! He won the French Open 2008 Men’s Singles title for the fourth consecutive year today at Roland Garros. The other player who has done this feat is Bjorn Borg and Bjorn has a total of 6 French Open titles. Nadal’s 2008 French Open campaign was outstanding, as he had won all the matches including the finals in straight sets. He outclassed the World No 1, Roger Federer, in the finals by winning in straight sets, 6-1, 6-3, 6-0. Nadal allowed Federer to win only 4 games in the entire match and this speaks about the supremacy of the Spaniard on the clay court. Earlier, Federer was very confident of winning the title and said that he would defeat Nadal in the final encounter but all his hopes and dreams were completely washed away by Nadal.

The Times of India – Tale of Subscription


I am one among those who got impressed with The Times of India newspaper, which was launched in Chennai six weeks ago. I haven’t subscribed any newspaper in life and for the first time I decided to subscribe “The Times of India.” My friends told me that there was a launch offer and by the time I inquired about that, it was all over. I checked with the newspaper vendor near my home and he too told the same thing.

I then googled to get some subscription info but I could not succeed. In fact, I really wanted to subscribe even without the offer. Luckily I got a phone number on the net but that number never rang, as it was always busy. Finally, I got an email ID from the net, With tonnes of hope, I emailed about my interest in subscribing The Times of India, and I had mentioned the area in which I live and I asked to provide the subscription and the agent details. To my delight, I received the mail the very next day and in the mail, they thanked me for the interest that I have shown for The Times of India and they apologized that currently there are no schemes available and that they will let me know when they come up with new schemes. I didn’t know what to do to bring The Times of India home…

Shane Warne – The True Leader

The first edition of the IPL (Indian Premier League) T20 cricket tournament ended in a grand style. The title clash between the Rajasthan Royals and the Chennai Super Kings was a nail-biting finish. The Rajasthan Royals held their nerve and clinched the most expensive and coveted DLF IPL trophy, which was a well-deserved one for the true champions who performed brilliantly in all aspects of the game.

This victory can be attributed (if not 100%, at least 50%) to one person in the squad, Shane Warne, the coach and captain of Rajasthan Royals. The team, which was considered as underdogs at the beginning of the tournament, emerged as champions in the end. There were no Tendulkars, Gangulys, Pontings, Gilchrists, Dravids or Akhtars in the team; majority of the team consisted of local boys who outperformed the best and the most regarded players in the world. It was a great transformation and a tremendous job done by Shane Warne as a coach and captain. He proved that he is a great leader. He mingled with the players, communicated well, motivated them, helped them develop new skills and transformed very ordinary players into world-class players. They played as a unit, had a concrete goal in their mind, set aside personal interests and differences and gave everything they had to offer. Hats off Shane!