Rawalpindi Express Derails Again!


Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar, the Rawalpindi Express as he is popularly called, has been banned for five years by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for his alleged criticism of the Pakistan Cricket Board. His career as a cricketer has been studded with more controversies and injuries than accomplishments. In the recent times, he was seen more often in the disciplinary committees rather than the cricket field. Despite having lots of talent, his volatile temperament has played spoilsport in his cricketing career. Although Shoaib has said that he would go for an appeal, things would be very difficult for him in the coming days and the slight ray of hope that he would return to international cricket is slowly fading away….

3 thoughts on “Rawalpindi Express Derails Again!

  1. Bad luck… thats all i can say…..
    PCB is also going thru a tough time not just shoaib….
    Its better for shoaib to join Lollywood or Bollywood… he will a good pair against “Salman Khan”

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