Fly High & Succeed


I heard this story yesterday, and even though it was funny and sounded like a kid’s story, it has a very important message in it. A man was on his way back to home. While he was walking through the woods, he spotted an egg on the ground. He found that it was an eagle’s egg and as he could not place the egg back into the eagle’s nest, he took the egg to his home and kept the eagle’s egg along with the hen’s eggs. After a few days, the eggs hatched and there were about 10 chicks including an eagle chick. These small chicks started growing slowly and the eagle chick did what the other chicks were doing. It scratched the ground for its food and picked up dirt and ate small insects. One day, the baby chicks tried to fly a bit by fluttering their small wings. Seeing this, the eagle chick also did exactly the same as other baby chicks and did not fly high. Days passed by and one morning, the eagle looked up at a bird flying high in the sky. It wondered what a bird it was and how beautifully it was flying high in the sky. The eagle asked the hen what that bird was? The hen replied, “It is an eagle that flies so high in the sky and you don’t even imagine that you can fly like that in your life.” The eagle not realizing its potential listened to the words of the hen silently and believed that it too was a hen and convinced itself that it cannot fly like an eagle, and finally it died.

A lot of people are like that eagle who despite having all the skills and abilities think that they are not too good to achieve success and they are scratching for bits and pieces on the ground instead of flying high in their lives.

5 thoughts on “Fly High & Succeed

  1. Good story !!!

    This reminds me of the movie “lion king” where “simba” stays with “pumba” and “Timon” eats bugs & insects for its life…but later “Nala” his better half reminds him of his past and tells him that he is the king….

    Anyways….Leo … if you are reading this post ….” My Lion King DVD is with you I think”….

  2. Benny Greenberg says:

    I recently wrote a post on my blog in regards to 4 Steps to success. You can view it here if you wish:

    One of the Steps that I wrote about, that received many responses to was this:

    3. Your mind tightly close to all negative influence. Those negative influences can come from places you least expect; friends, family and acquaintances.

    And quite simply – if you want to fly high as an Eagle – to the Sky, well then you have to decide it is what you want to do and do it – regardless of what anyone says to you!
    Great Read…


  3. I completely agree if some one says that you cant do it means they cant do it. No one knows what one is capable of. All you have to do is try.. you might never know what you’ll land up in.

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