Dish TV DTH – Not The Right Wish

Dish TV

Ohhhhh… I am fed up…….its frustrating.. once again a poor customer care story….. wondering whether these things are happening only to me??? Everybody right from a small petty shop to big corporates are saying, “Customer is our main focus.” A lot of terminologies that are popularly used are customer-centric market, customer focus, customer first, meeting customer demands, customer satisfaction etc.. I think these words are just “words” that are deliberately misleading the customers or end-users. The reality is that these commitments or promises made to the customers never come to pass barring a few exceptions. It is like a politician’s promise in majority of the cases. The fact is that the customers are mesmerized or rather fooled with this keyword “customer”, irrespective of the product or service or solution, by companies that are small, big, large, etc. All that the customers get is “DISAPPOINTMENT.” I would like to relate an interesting observation here. I was out of home for nearly 11 to 12 years for job-related reasons. I used to go to mess (small food joints) for food because taking food regularly in big hotels were deteriorating my health as well as my purse. I had been to many joints in many places and invariably in all of these joints, I have seen this line mentioned on their name board “Home-made Food”, irrespective of the quality of the food they provide. So here, the “Home-made Food” connotes customer care, customer satisfaction, customer focus, demands, etc. This is one example of the much-hyped customer focus and there are lots and lots more.

Ok, let me come to the main story. It is about Dish TV, a DTH service endorsed by India’s top film actor Shah Rukh Khan. Even after renewing the subscription package at a Dish Care center, the services have been suspended. When I contacted the customer care center, they told me to wait for 4-24 hours for the service to be restored. When I asked why the services have been suspended, the reply was “We have not received any confirmation on the payment, we do not have any update on the payment in our system.” Who is responsible for this? Customer, customer care personnel or Computers?? The customer care personnel are coolly blaming the systems. If systems, computers and technologies cannot do the work swiftly then why do we need computers?

Wish Karo. Dish Karo.

Shah Rukh, I do not know what to wish now. Help me out!

Click Here for Dish TV Customer Care

9 thoughts on “Dish TV DTH – Not The Right Wish

  1. “Customer care ” is very much “customary care”…
    Actually don’t be mistaken by these words , they are all relative and subjective. Most of these words are minced by the marketing guys and seldom understood by the ground-zero workers/franchisees.

    Yes , they have advertised “Home Made Food” , its just “their kind of home food”…not your kind…..

    Actually in India , the population is huge , so companies/franchisees are thinking that they can find another customer easily they are never worried over losing you. But see once the competition stiffens (Birlas , Ambani’s) these guys are forced to provide you better care….

    Finally , lets not get fooled over sharukh..afterall….he is the best actor in town.

  2. The customer care is pathetic, the supervisors are worse and the Managers are not worst. They do not stand to their commitments. They feel that customers are fool and dist tv operators are authorised by their customers to make them fool.

    I feel writing these comments are not enough. They are here to fool people.

    I am tying to install my set sice 25th March 2008, calling them frequently to know the status. The only responce I get is “Madam Please provide me with your VC number. We are unable to help you with out there. we cannot help ypu by only using your complaint number. After all the crab, they tell me that they apologise for the inconvenience caused and they will try to resolve my complaint asap. How much asap………………………………………….

    Please i want a resolution, not excuses.

  3. Dimple says:

    Pathetic Service is all i can say … I want to forward this link to my colleagues and friends and recommend not to subscribe to Dish TV . The Customer care officers are rude to the hilt . Every time the Antenna turns ( this can be caused by a slight wind) you have to realign it and pay for the service along with tax . This reminds me of the TV antennas we used to have once television was launched in India . The toll free number is just for show – from that line you can never reach The customer care . every time for silghtest of things you have to call the paid number and add to you telephone bills given their in efficient staff and long hold time. No one responds to the mails that you send to the customer care mail id .
    I think these guys needs to be taken to consumer court

  4. Rhituparna Chakraborty says:

    I have become half mad dealing with the frustration of complaining to dish tv. I just wish to blow up the whole company or knock it down to the ground, and make sure all the customer service people are in there when it is blown apart. I really don’t know why SRK endorses such a shady company. I am so frustrated that there is nothing to do but simply cry alone, and I meet all dead ends. Its been a month, and hundreds of rupees of phone calls that has led me nowhere. On top of that I have paid 6 months in advance to them. So I am now sure all my money is gone down the drains. Can someone tell me if I can complain against dish tv to the consumer court? or can all of us, the complainants, complain together to create an impact? I am so so so frustrated that I feel like just breaking off my tv set or the dish antenna into pieces. SRK, can you help me please, can you tell them come to my place to fix it for me please?

  5. kuentsho says:

    I am really frusteted with the installation of DTH Dishtv. I have been trying for almost 5 days. I was not successful yet. What shall I wish for and dish for?
    Please help me to install well!!!!

  6. kuentsho says:

    I am from neibouring country and I am really frusteted with the installation of DTH Dishtv. I have been trying for almost 5 days. I was not successful yet. What shall I wish for and dish for?
    Please help me to install well!!!!

  7. We are using dishtv since 2006. Every 2/3 months signal will go off without any reason (rain, storm etc). Everytime we’ll call and mail customer care, they will take 2 to 3 days to send the service person. Now service person informs us what time they will come. We, working couple, keeping all work aside, wait for them to come. They never turn up on the time they mention. Every time we have to make repeated calls/mails to troubleshoot.

    Now this time since October beginning we are not able to view any channel. No signal is coming as usual. They are not responding to our mails. We tried calling all customer care numbers. In interactive voice we are asked to wait for executive, but no executive picks the call at all. They have taken 6 months bill in advance in May 2009.

    I have never seen such a bad customer service in my life.

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