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I am an Aircel post-paid customer for more than two and a half years. I am promptly paying my bills through ICICI Visa Bill Pay system. The payment for the month of February, Rs. 313.03, was also processed via the same system. I received a confirmation message from ICICI bank that the bill had been processed on March 4, 2008 and my due date was on March 5, 2008.

On March 7, 2008, when I called my friend, I was shocked to hear the automated voice that my outgoing calls had been barred and also my SMS had been disabled. When I contacted the customer care center, I was told that “There is an outstanding of Rs. 313.03” I said that it had been already paid and I got the reply that “It is not yet updated in our system.”

I really got irritated because I was not able to contact anybody, that too early in the morning. I checked the Aircel website for help and I got an email ID. I sent a mail stating everything and asked them to state the reason as to why this happened.

I received a mail from the Customer Correspondence Unit by around 2.40 p.m. (Thank God) that read

“With reference to the mail, we wish to confirm that services to the below mentioned cellular number has been activated.

Your Reference Number is: 12807296

Should you require any other clarifications, please feel free to call our Customer Care at 98410 12345 (toll free from your Aircel mobile) or mail us at

Assuring you of our best services always (Aircel people, do you know what exactly this statement means?)”

There was no proper explanation from the Aircel people. I really thought of changing the service provider and I would certainly do so if anything similar to this happens in the future.

5 thoughts on “Aircel Customer Care

  1. That line means ” it is an automated reply” . Anyways , its good that they have restored the services. Ensure that they dont add aditional charges the next month.

    As long as you are in chennai , i think aircell is the better than B.S.N.L “Bhai Saab Nahi Lagega”.

    Long-term , if you think of changing , I would suggest Air Tel.

    best wishes

  2. This happened to me this month. When I paid the bill online. The Transaction was not honoured by ICICI and i was sucessesful in my 2nd attempt. I went to Aircell office to check. The officials told me that the online payments will be credited only by the end of the day. May be the same thing could have happened in Ur Case.

    Thanks for the info

  3. DISAPPOINTED with service and Rowdyism

    There seems to be too many reasons for me to decide to get off Aircel network.

    The most recent one with the verification officer with his un-becoming act of threatening to take all our numbers off the network citing the reason that the address he is visiting is not a commercial place and does not have any business name board.

    Your zonal officer, sales man Raja and retention officer Theodus Solomon is aware that we have demolished our present office and constructing a larger office space. The business is being carried out temporarily form a make shift office from my residence. This was officially communicated via writing in our letter pad that too has our official address as 0-89 MMDA colony. Aircel demanded address proof for the current makeshift office and have produced the same. All this was agreeable since we decided to convert all our numbers from VODAFONE to AIRCEL

    Despite my written request, and willingness to pay an advance deposit the credit limit to the phone I use personally 9710412234 was still at Rs.500/- until Solomon intervened

    Aircel was not ready to activate roaming to our phones besides written request and a call to customer care. Here too Solomon had to intervene.

    Aircel is least bothered about informing its customer, especially someone who is 98% depended on the Aircel he is carrying around and is on the move most of the time, about any decisions to disconnect any of the lines, putting the entire business in Jeopardy.

    Aircel’s official representative Mr.Solomon promised to give us itemized bill for free and then been charged Rs.25/- per connection.

    I do not want to depend too much on a cell phone network that does not treat well, its customer who completely co-operates with the rules of the game and pays bill much ahead of the time.

  4. tapan says:

    i am using aircel since 5 year but this time i am upset generally i do recharge by net . 2 days before i recharge a topup of Rs.300 but still not recharge . I am right now not in station so i cant even call. i did recharge thinking i will get balance and i can call and receive my call in roaming . But very unhappy with lack of service.

  5. naren says:

    i have activated free sms scheme in the month of Aug in Alwarpet Aircel cell city.i changed my plan 200 century bonanza plan. i called customer care.they said free sms is activated. i started sending sms on july.but at the end they charged 800rs for local sms.i called customer care then they said sorry and this month sms charge will be payed by the aircel city alwarpet.the amount was around 300rs. so i kept it as due.but this month they have included the amount also.

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