Fly High & Succeed


I heard this story yesterday, and even though it was funny and sounded like a kid’s story, it has a very important message in it. A man was on his way back to home. While he was walking through the woods, he spotted an egg on the ground. He found that it was an eagle’s egg and as he could not place the egg back into the eagle’s nest, he took the egg to his home and kept the eagle’s egg along with the hen’s eggs. After a few days, the eggs hatched and there were about 10 chicks including an eagle chick. These small chicks started growing slowly and the eagle chick did what the other chicks were doing. It scratched the ground for its food and picked up dirt and ate small insects. One day, the baby chicks tried to fly a bit by fluttering their small wings. Seeing this, the eagle chick also did exactly the same as other baby chicks and did not fly high. Days passed by and one morning, the eagle looked up at a bird flying high in the sky. It wondered what a bird it was and how beautifully it was flying high in the sky. The eagle asked the hen what that bird was? The hen replied, “It is an eagle that flies so high in the sky and you don’t even imagine that you can fly like that in your life.” The eagle not realizing its potential listened to the words of the hen silently and believed that it too was a hen and convinced itself that it cannot fly like an eagle, and finally it died.

A lot of people are like that eagle who despite having all the skills and abilities think that they are not too good to achieve success and they are scratching for bits and pieces on the ground instead of flying high in their lives.

Dish TV DTH – Not The Right Wish

Dish TV

Ohhhhh… I am fed up…….its frustrating.. once again a poor customer care story….. wondering whether these things are happening only to me??? Everybody right from a small petty shop to big corporates are saying, “Customer is our main focus.” A lot of terminologies that are popularly used are customer-centric market, customer focus, customer first, meeting customer demands, customer satisfaction etc.. I think these words are just “words” that are deliberately misleading the customers or end-users. The reality is that these commitments or promises made to the customers never come to pass barring a few exceptions. It is like a politician’s promise in majority of the cases. The fact is that the customers are mesmerized or rather fooled with this keyword “customer”, irrespective of the product or service or solution, by companies that are small, big, large, etc. All that the customers get is “DISAPPOINTMENT.” I would like to relate an interesting observation here. I was out of home for nearly 11 to 12 years for job-related reasons. I used to go to mess (small food joints) for food because taking food regularly in big hotels were deteriorating my health as well as my purse. I had been to many joints in many places and invariably in all of these joints, I have seen this line mentioned on their name board “Home-made Food”, irrespective of the quality of the food they provide. So here, the “Home-made Food” connotes customer care, customer satisfaction, customer focus, demands, etc. This is one example of the much-hyped customer focus and there are lots and lots more.

Ok, let me come to the main story. It is about Dish TV, a DTH service endorsed by India’s top film actor Shah Rukh Khan. Even after renewing the subscription package at a Dish Care center, the services have been suspended. When I contacted the customer care center, they told me to wait for 4-24 hours for the service to be restored. When I asked why the services have been suspended, the reply was “We have not received any confirmation on the payment, we do not have any update on the payment in our system.” Who is responsible for this? Customer, customer care personnel or Computers?? The customer care personnel are coolly blaming the systems. If systems, computers and technologies cannot do the work swiftly then why do we need computers?

Wish Karo. Dish Karo.

Shah Rukh, I do not know what to wish now. Help me out!

Click Here for Dish TV Customer Care

Helmet – The First Line of Defence


Today morning while I was on the way to my office, I witnessed a road accident. Unusually I was driving a bit slow today (probably I had enough time) on the busiest road and two speeding motorcyclists overtook me. I was shocked by the way they both drove, and all of a sudden, one of the speeding motorcyclists who passed by was knocked by the other motorcyclist from the left side, and he fell to the ground banging his head on the road. Luckily, a bus that was coming behind the two motorcyclists stopped in time. The man who was knocked down wore a helmet and when I looked him through the visor, he was an elderly person who would be above 50 years of age. Definitely the headgear that he was wearing had averted a serious head injury, which could have also been fatal. So wearing helmets definitely helps prevent major accidents. It is good that the government has brought back the rule of making helmets compulsory for two-wheeler riders.

Chennai Summer


Heat waves have started in Chennai and it’s just the beginning of a scorching summer with the power plays left for the end of this month and the next couple of months. Power cuts, water scarcity, sunstrokes, dehydration, heat cramps and other heat-related illnesses are in the cards. Plenty of water, juices, watermelons, umbrellas, cool wears and cool places are going to be our defense. Get ready, lets chill out this summer!

Aircel Customer Care


I am an Aircel post-paid customer for more than two and a half years. I am promptly paying my bills through ICICI Visa Bill Pay system. The payment for the month of February, Rs. 313.03, was also processed via the same system. I received a confirmation message from ICICI bank that the bill had been processed on March 4, 2008 and my due date was on March 5, 2008.

On March 7, 2008, when I called my friend, I was shocked to hear the automated voice that my outgoing calls had been barred and also my SMS had been disabled. When I contacted the customer care center, I was told that “There is an outstanding of Rs. 313.03” I said that it had been already paid and I got the reply that “It is not yet updated in our system.”

I really got irritated because I was not able to contact anybody, that too early in the morning. I checked the Aircel website for help and I got an email ID. I sent a mail stating everything and asked them to state the reason as to why this happened.

I received a mail from the Customer Correspondence Unit by around 2.40 p.m. (Thank God) that read

“With reference to the mail, we wish to confirm that services to the below mentioned cellular number has been activated.

Your Reference Number is: 12807296

Should you require any other clarifications, please feel free to call our Customer Care at 98410 12345 (toll free from your Aircel mobile) or mail us at

Assuring you of our best services always (Aircel people, do you know what exactly this statement means?)”

There was no proper explanation from the Aircel people. I really thought of changing the service provider and I would certainly do so if anything similar to this happens in the future.