Philips GoGear


I had a portable audio/video device in my wish list for a very long time. A lot of my friends have ipods. When it came to ipods, there are cheaper ones in the market but I did not want to go for a cheaper one and run behind those guys for service in case of any problem. Then I decided to leave out the video option as I convinced myself that I will not have time to watch videos that frequently (cost is also a reason). So finally I decided to get an audio player (mp3). I had a look at the brands like Transcend and other mp3 players but I was not satisfied or rather convinced, the main thing I was looking was the reliability and quality of the product and the after sales service options. I came across Philips GoGear – SA 1356/97, a slim and sleek device that can hold up to 1 GB of data or songs. It looks simply stunning. The device can be directly plugged into the system for data transfer. This feature, I feel is an advantage because some of my friends had problem with other players with cable, as frequent usage of the cable loosened the socket and therefore resulted in connectivity malfunction. The SA1356/97 has voice recording facility. The display is cool with backlight. The other features are customizable equalizer with preset settings like Classic, Dance, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz & Rock, FM radio (30 preset channels) with auto digital tuning and FM recording with keypad locking facility. The device can store 250 mp3 tracks (128 kbps) and 380 WMA tracks (64 kbps). Overall, this device proves to be a very good one except for the headphones. It is priced at Rs. 2499 and its really worth the money.

6 thoughts on “Philips GoGear

  1. jaiz says:

    Think you told me about this some time back…
    Good .. actualy taking decisions on electronic gadgets now-a-days is really gettiing diffcult. Infact in every brand’s website , they do a some sort of comparison for us , and somehow make us feel that their product has superior features than the rest….In the end we get lost…what we want? How much we can afford ? Value for money etc..etc….

    Enjoy… go wear… go hear… ur go gear….

  2. Sameer says:

    Yh u all are rite i’ve the same stuff n its cool !!!

    but now ma player shows some problem, i mean it shoe me
    “player problem! connect player to PC! format player! ”
    i try a lot but can’t format, can u guys help me to fix this…. thanxs a lot

  3. shh says:

    Saamer did you solve your problem?
    [“player problem! connect player to PC! format player! ”
    i try a lot but can’t format, can u guys help me to fix this…]
    If u don’T.. Please somebody help us!!

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