Louisiana Campus Crime

Campus crimes are increasing day by day in the United States. In Louisiana Technical College in Baton Rouge, a female student shot two other women and finally killed herself in a classroom on Friday morning at 8.30 a.m. Police sources said that the shooting happened only inside that classroom and the other students in the campus are safe. The Police is probing the motive for the killing and the names of the students who were killed are unknown. These types of crimes happen in schools, colleges, and universities and the crimes include murder, robbery, sex offences, negligent manslaughter, drug abuse, illegal possession of weapons, etc. One major reason for murder and manslaughter is that students get easy access to weapons. Another major concern is the mental makeup of the students studying in schools and colleges. Lack of proper guidance and counseling at the young age leads to such crimes.  


2 thoughts on “Louisiana Campus Crime

  1. Already newschannels , media are driving us nuts by telling that the whole world is like a hell…

    My point is simple, there are certainly good things which you can write/blog about.. ,your Tata Nano was ofcourse a good one….. visioneering by an indian…

    Why pour blood into red ocean , see if you can help create a greener one…

    But for that… its true and really a lousy accident in louisiana…..cool off…

  2. i think proper counsellings need to be there in colleges.The parents are the key for their kids. They need to identify the chractors of the person and give a proper guidance when it is needed.

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