The Lethal Mix


Medicines are meant to cure diseases but sometimes it may be fatal like the one happened to Heath Ledger, a 28-year-old Hollywood actor. Last month, Heath was found dead in a mysterious way in his apartment in New York City. Initially the investigating officers started probing the incident in every angle as to whether it was a natural death or suicide or murder etc. Yesterday the medical examiners who examined Heath Ledger’s body have found out that it was an accidental mix of prescription drugs. The combinations of several drugs have caused the death of the actor. The authorities have revealed that traces of ibuprofen, a painkiller, and anti-anxiety drugs were found in Heath’s blood. A tragic end for a brilliant actor, who is basically an Australian. Let us all be careful in taking medications. This is an alert particularly for persons who do not visit a doctor in case of any illness and just get the medicines over-the-counter in drug stores.

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2 thoughts on “The Lethal Mix

  1. In my village there is a doctor who used to give medicines as he like. He is not a MBBS doctor. He worked under a doctor then he came to our village and became a doctor. His treatment charge is very less or some time free too.

    If we show the prescription of other doctors in town he will right in a paper then will try with next patient. What a intelligence?
    Even graduates are getting the treatment from him since it is cheap.

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