M.S. Dhoni & Co Thrashed


Does Mahendra Singh Dhoni exhibit his power and arrogance only in TV commercials and ads? Is the recent T20 performance a manifestation of arrogance or complacency? A very very poor performance by the “young” Indian cricket team, the team that is termed as the “Future of Indian Cricket.” All the batsmen crumbled like ninepins and there was lack of sheer common sense in terms of shot selection and sticking to the basics. Playing in Australia is not an easy joke. If the selectors were very keen to build a team for the future then why did they operate the test series with the big boys? They could have very well played their young side. BCCI has very well complimented players like Sourav, Dravid and Laxman for their contributions to Indian Cricket. The exclusion of senior players will definitely make a huge difference in the upcoming ODI series that starts tomorrow. Dhoni & Co. will have a tough time during the ODI series because if they could not play the full 20 overs what would be the outcome in 50-over matches. No idea as what the young and energetic Dhoni & Co would do with bowling and fielding skills if they do not have enough runs on the board!


6 thoughts on “M.S. Dhoni & Co Thrashed

  1. Our team were walking two feet above the ground when they won the T20 world cup and the media created a hype about it. they even did a background research on the players and their family… and showcased them as GODS of T20 but look at how they crumbled like a stack of cards. Everyone should be blamed for it BCCI, Media and the players. Thats why i like the aussies they might be arrogant but they play as a team and they know their game….we should learn from all these debacle and try focus on building a strong team which can play consistently well…

  2. jaiz says:

    ” Cricket is another stock market” .

    Enjoy the fun. Dhoni or moni …it is money for the cricketers , just time pass for us.

  3. its very easy to comment on others. just go stand on the ground and see…. dhoni has done a lot for our indian cricket team. he has added to our fame. no one has the rights to comment on him. you dont deserve to do it

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