Shoaib Malik – Liar Liar


Pakistan cricket captain is into a new controversy, this one off cricket. Yes, this is truly personal that has been brought into broad daylight. Shoaib met with an Indian girl Ayesha in May 2000 at a Dubai restaurant and from then on, the two had fallen into love. Two years later on May 2, 2002, the two got married over phone (which Islamic Shariah law permits) with witnesses on both sides. When Pakistan toured India in 2005, Shoaib met his Indian wife along with his team members at her residence in Hyderabad and had a good feast. Both the parents had agreed and said that the couple would live together after a formal ceremony. But now the girl Ayesha has accused Shoaib of not letting her divorce him. The cricketer’s reply for this allegation is “No nikkah (marriage) took place between me and Ayesha”. Smart reply isn’t it. What is Shoaib trying to do by denying the fact that he married Ayesha over the phone in the presence of witnesses, which was apparently reported in all news media. Is he trying to cheat Ayesha or is he violating Islamic laws? No third umpire, no Hawkeye – your conscience is the umpire captain!

9 thoughts on “Shoaib Malik – Liar Liar

  1. Zainab says:

    Shoaib Malik can not be called a LIAR!
    This is someone’s personal matters.
    No one has the right to say anything.
    All the best Shoaib Malik!

  2. Siraj Khan says:

    She should have known that evil pkaistani’s can’t be trusted. They talk nice things when they see us in a foreigh land and know that we are muslim’s from India. But the real intention is something different. You can always sense it.. I would trust a no-muslim from my country much more than someone from Pakistan.

  3. Ahmed says:

    I know Ayesha (Maha) Siddiqui personally. Did anyone of you have seen her photograph? If you had, then it is very evident that who is the cheat. She has not appeared in the media for this long, do you wonder why? I am God fearing person but reality remains that she could not present herself to media because as soon as she would appear on the media everything would become crystal clear. The current state of her is not know to me but in 2005 last seen in Jeddah, she was more that 140Kg.

  4. Iron Pen says:

    Siraj -brushing the entire nation because of your internal issues is not the right thing. Do not be one of the people who says “Dont confuse me with the facts”.

    Try to understand and appreciate the personal matters and personal space.

  5. shivani says:

    ummm firstly what does ayesha’s dad mean by shoaib is tryin to build ‘a good image and good will’ by denying the marriage?… i think if that was his intention he certainly doing the opposite….i don’t understand each side’s story seems 2 b missing something and why hasn’t any pictures of ayesha surfaced till now? her dad keeps saying that shoaib doesn’t want 2 accept ayesha because she is overweight inmy point of view thats kinda shallow , i hope if it is true ayesha gets justice and if its not i hope she gets professional help…..

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