Just One Extra Degree n You are a Winner!

Hi everybody, 

This movie clip is worthwhile for all of us to watch at the beginning of a new year. I received this through an email. 

Excerpts of the email

The difference between hot water and boiling water is just one degree of heat. While that may not seem like much, it’s the difference between a relaxing cup of tea… and being able to power a 50-ton steam locomotive up a mountain. The 212 Movie brilliantly illustrates how one extra degree of heat, that one extra degree of effort, can make all the difference in your life!

This short, 3-minute presentation will immediately energize you, focusing your efforts TODAY, while putting you on a path to out-perform, out-earn, and out-deliver in any area you desire… starting now. After watching the 212 Movie, you’ll understand how putting forth just one extra degree of effort can put you over the top — no matter what your pursuit in life.

So… please turn up the volume on your PC, get ready to be energized.

Wishing you all a great success in this year.


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