Sony Ericsson W700i – withdrawn from the market?


A week ago, I accompanied my friend to The Mobile Store in Chennai, a mobile chain store. The main reason for going to that store was their attractive advertisement that if you purchase any mobile you will get an assured gift worth Rs. 5000. We preferred to go to the Nelson Manickam Road store as it was nearby. My friend already had Sony Ericsson in mind, W700i, as it had all the options that he was looking for. We inquired about it and they said it was not available. We went to the T. Nagar branch, the same result there too. Those guys told that Sony has stopped producing that model and it will not be available anywhere. The salespersons also told another interesting information that Sony will not continue to sell any particular model for more than one year. We went in search of this particular model to Subhiksha Mobile Store and they also said the same thing and finally we found out the model and purchased it in Vasanth & Co, T. Nagar.   

What was more interesting was that when I checked the Sony website, the W700i model was there in their product list. The question is whether Sony has stopped producing this model and if they had done so why that model is available in the product list.  

What I would like to emphasize here is that for the benefit of the customers, companies need to update their product information regularly in their websites, pamphlets, brochures or whatever marketing material they are using in order to keep the public well informed.  

Note: The Mobile Store is promoting only a few select models of a few brands (models above Rs. 10,000). No idea of whether the gift of Rs. 5000 will be given for a mobile purchased below 2k.


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